Lionel Messi To Manchester City FC

messi Image: ESPNFC

The English Premier Football Club is rumored to offer the Barcelona star, and world-soccer phenomenon an astronomical £800k ($1.2 million) weekly pay, amounting to £3.2 ($4.8 million) a month!

This will make Messi the highest-paid soccer player in the world at all times.

It has been reported in the UK that English Premier Manchester City FC are determined to bring Lionel Messi to Etihad at “all costs and means necessary”, and have therefore put forward this mind-blowing offer.

It is rumored that Messi is seriously considering the offer, in light of the taxation issues he has been dealing with recently in Spain.

If the deal will go through, Messi will become the highest-paid player, and will surpass Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo who is currently earning $50.2 million a season.

It will be interesting to also see Manchester City’s new constellation on the coaching front, where the runner-up to coach City next season is Bayern Munich’s Pep Guardiola, who has been Messi’s coach and mentor in Barcelona, and is known to be a very close friend of Messi’s.