Euro 2016 Fixtures

Euro2016 Image: AFP

Euro 2016 Finals – Fixtures and Draw Results

The draw results for the Euro 2016 Finals are in.  Hosts France got a relatively easy group, and are to play Switzerland, Romania and Albania (Group A).  England will be playing Wales. Slovakia and Russia (Group B).  Germany will play The Ukraine, Poland and Northern Ireland (Group C), where the Republic of Ireland got a tougher bid with Belgium, Italy and Sweden (Group E).

It will be very interesting this summer in France, where the Euro 2016 Soccer Finals will be taking place.

In a draw that was done tonight [Saturday], top-seeded England will be facing neighbouring Wales in a British-Isle Darby.  Russia and Slovakia were also placed in that group (B).

Host France got a relatively-easy group and will face Romania in its opening game in the Euro 2016 Finals.  Albania and Switzerland are also in France’s group (A).

Group D seems as one of the most interesting in the 2016 Euro Soccer Finals, where European Champion Spain will be facing the Czech Republic, Turkey and Croatia.

Belgium that was the top seed in Group E will meet Italy, Sweden and the Republic of Ireland in what is considered the “house of death” for the 2016 Euro Finals.  Where Zlatan Ibrahimovic will probably be determined to give a fight with his Swedish team in what is likely to be one of his last grand international appearances.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal seemed to have drawn the most comfortable group from all of the top-seeded teams.  The Portuguese will meet Iceland, Hungary and Austria.


Euro 2016 Soccer Finals Fixtures:

Group A

France; Romania; Albania; Switzerland

France – Romania: June 10th

Albania – Switzerland: June 11th

Romania – Switzerland: June 15th

France – Albania: June 15th

Romania – Albania: June 19th

Switzerland – France: June 19th

Group B

England; Russia; Wales; Slovakia

Wales – Slovakia: June 11th

England – Russia: June 11th

Russia – Slovakia: June 15th

England – Wales: June 16th

Russia – Wales: June 20th

Slovakia – England: June 20th

Group C

Germany; Ukraine; Poland; Northern Ireland

Poland – Northern Ireland: June 12th

Germany – Ukraine: June 12th

Ukraine – Northern Ireland: June 16th

Germany – Poland: June 16th

Ukraine – Poland: June 21st

Northern Ireland – Germany June 21st

Group D

Spain; Czech Republic; Turkey; Croatia

Turkey – Croatia: June 12th

Spain – Czech Republic: June 13th

Czech Republic – Croatia: June 17th

Spain – Turkey: June 17th

Czech Republic – Turkey: June 21st

Croatia – Spain: June 21st

Group E

Belgium; Italy; Republic of Ireland; Sweden

Republic of Ireland – Sweden: June 13th

Belgium – Italy: June 13th

Italy – Sweden: June 17th

Belgium – Republic of Ireland: June 18th

Italy – Republic of Ireland: June 22nd

Sweden – Belgium: June 22nd

Group F

Portugal; Iceland; Austria; Hungary

Austria – Hungary: June 14th

Portugal – Iceland: June 14th

Iceland – Hungary: June 18th

Portugal – Austria: June 18th

Iceland – Austria: June 22nd

Hungary – Portugal: June 22nd