Lampard at NYFC

Frank(Formatted) Image: NYCFC

Frank Lampard’s NYCFC Press Conference

“There’s not ambition here to be a middle-of-the-road team”, said Lampard in a positive press conference, showing optimism and commitment to his new MLS team.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Speaking to the press 6 days before his Major League Soccer debut game against Toronto FC, New York City Football Club’s new-late arrival talked about his plans, the potential of his new club and what the future holds for him.

Yesterday (Tuesday, July 7th), England International, Chelsea FC legend and one of the most accomplished players in the English Premier League officially launched his career in America’s Major League Soccer.

Attacking Midfielder Lampard, aged 37 said he is committed to stay in Major League Soccer, and to making NYCFC success.  “II look at the squad that we’ve got and the ambition – there’s not ambition here to be a middle-of-the-road team”. Said Lampard.  “We can take momentum into the backend of the season and get in the playoff at this stage, you’ve seen it many times before”. He added, “The team with momentum at this point can go ahead and win it.  So, I think it can add up very nicely for us”.

Talking about his teammates Spaniard forward David Villa and Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo, Frank Lampard said: “David and Andrea are at the top of the list, I’m a lucky man to be in the same squad with them.”

“Obviously Andrea Pirlo is a master at getting the ball to dip and dive off a free kick.  He is welcome to have the first one”.

Lampard also talked about his decision to start now a late career in the MLS: “the challenge is to come here and do the best I can, and win.  I wouldn’t have come here if I didn’t think I had a lot left in me.”

When asked about his age and future, Lampard answered: “my age has been discussed in England since I turned 30.  They started to write me off by then, so it’s been a long time coming”, but added: “Still, I think age in modern game is what you make of it; with nutrition and the right training, you can stay pretty optimal in your standards”.

Referring to his future plans, he said: “I’d like to play another 2 or 3 years.  I have 18 months here by my contract, and would probably want to extend that.  I know the club has already said that if things go to plan, we will extend talks, and I already told them that I will be happy to do that”.

As expected, questions were raised about the past controversy regarding his delayed arrival to New York due to extending his loan period in bigger sibling-club Manchester City in England.  Frank Lampard was supposed to arrive at NYCFC at the start of 2015 MLS season, but remained to play in Manchester City and caused a stir among fans and media.

Having a huge impact at the star of his tenure in Manchester, Lampard for some reason did not last in City’s boss Manuel Pellegrini’s top squad and his appearances diminished.  This, while his intended New York City Football Club was struggling in its first season and went through 11 matches without a win, to find itself at the bottom of the MLS Eastern Conference.  Thankfully things have lighten up since then for NYCFC, and the team won 4 of its last 5 matches.

He said: Well both teams are from the same family.  I was asked from the top to stay in Manchester, so it wasn’t an easy position for me to be in.  I am not try to wash my hands, I am a man and make my own decisions, but it felt right at the time to stay (in Manchester) and continue playing.”

Putting it behind him and looking to the future, Lampard concluded: “I was spoken about enough.  I do not want to speak about it anymore, I just want to play”.


(Image: New York City FC)

Along with Lampard in the conference, were also introduced former Atletico Bilbao defender Andoni Iraola, and young Manchester City Ioanee Angelino.