About MLSGoals.com (and about me)

Why did I create this site?

I created  MLSGoals.com out of love for the beautiful game, and what is destined to soon become one of the game’s most beautiful leagues.

OK joking aside, why did I really create MLSGoals.com?

I am dead serious; MLSGoals.com is a place for me to share my love of Major League Soccer first and foremost.  But moreover, share with others my passion for the game of soccer and all of its history, drama, stories and people worldwide.

Who was MLSGoals.com created for?

When writing “people” in the previous paragraph, I was referring to folks as myself; who for some reason or another become happy from, and inspired by the beautiful game.

MLSGoals.com is for Major League Soccer fans who follow the league ferociously, and die-hard supporters who bleed their team colours.  It is for part-time warriors who catch up on the occasional weekend-game and goals, and band-waggon jumpers who will join the party only when MLS becomes really big (and Major League Soccer is on its’ way to become very big soon, trust me).

MLSGoals.com is for office colleagues who are after goals, scores and two cents of wisdom for their Monday-morning’s water-cooler chat at work (I have never seen a water cooler anywhere at my work, it’s all about bottled water and coffee machines nowadays, but you get the point…).

This site is for college students who are discovering the excitement of Major League Soccer, and are becoming part of the largest sports community in the world.  MLSGoals.com is high-school students that are involved in soccer, and are forming their own identities, role models and inspiration in sports; and for their moms and dads, who are becoming part of a global community of families all over the world that are following soccer together.

MLSGoals.com is for Americans who are seeing their country on its way to becoming a powerhouse within the global world of soccer.  It is for Canadians that are showing once again that when it comes to sports and team spirit, they got what it takes to compete and form their own greatness.

MLSGoals.com is for soccer fans from all over the world, which are looking at their own biggest stars coming to write a chapter in the history of America’s Major League Soccer.

To make a long story short: MLSGoals.com is for us.  It is for you, me and anyone else, all over the world, which wants to be part of one of the newest, most exciting chapters in soccer history.

Major League Soccer is history in the making.

MLS – Be part of it!!